GAP year project – Lets fight the global warming

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Are you concerned about the global warming? Do you want to explore Iceland and make a difference? In this project you will learn a lot and do volunteering in all corners of Iceland. The group will travel all around the island doing coastal cleaning and other environmental work The project is for three Months but it can be prolonged up to six Months. Pack your things and join us in Iceland as fast as you can.


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Price: $4,380.00 USD

*Ask for our special price for groups.

Full info:

Do you want to stay three Months in Iceland and have the option to prolong it up to 9 Months? After Three Months you can prolong the program for 1.200 USD for each Month.

This project focuses on environmental awareness in all aspects and is truly needed all around our planet. The project aspires to stimulate environmental protection, sustainable living involving international volunteers and local people. During the project the volunteers will do a lot of leisure activities and also visit all parts of the island.

 We want to bring up some fresh ideas that can help the public and the organization to improve the way that we treat mother earth. The main purpose of the project is to raise the awareness about sustainability among the young local and international people in their daily life + doing volunteering in the field of planting trees and clean up the coastline of Iceland

This means that the participants will in the beginning learn about all the basics when it comes to living in a sustainable way and they will follow that procedure during the whole project and hopefully for the rest of their lives.

Climate changes are for real: the earth is warming up at a steady pace. The reason for this is the increase in human-caused greenhouse gases, which has led to health, ecological and humanitarian crises.

Despite this, the fight against climate change is an opportunity to transition to a low carbon society, creating jobs, innovation, and social justice locally and internationally. 

Climate change is a global challenge affecting the entire world and the humanity. Geographical location, economic status as well as means to act may determine the vulnerability of individuals living today. Apart from that, scientists predict increasingly severe consequences of climate change for generation yet to come. The concept of climate justice addresses this unequal allocation of benefits and burdens by relating climate change to matters of justice and human rights. As part of the worldwide volunteering movement, we consider climate justice as an inevitable brick in building a sustainable future and creating a just and fair society. Our members, projects and activities stretch across the entire globe, uniting people of all ages and backgrounds. Our projects and activities are a powerful tool to support local communities worldwide and allow to reallocate resources and capacities. By taking active steps against climate change and demonstrating solidarity with most vulnerable population groups and peoples, we assume our responsibility in the global sustainability challenge and seek to do our part in attaining climate justice.

The project reflects learning opportunities for the volunteers as well as for our organisation and the communities where it will take place.  By hosting international volunteers, we bring another long-term international dimension to the organization with our internship program, educational tours and short-term projects.

The volunteers will discover many kinds of new techniques related to environmental sustainability, new skills, a new language, involving children and youngsters in creative sessions and take responsibility to realize an own project.

The volunteer will on one hand work with international people and will be participating in workshops, camps, educational sessions, and projects with them. They will get in touch with different cultures as well and can learn about cultural diversity by experiencing it during the environmental projects.

- Learn about sustainable living and how we can in our daily life prevent the global warming

- learn more about important methods used in the organisation

- learn more about structures of the association

- social attitude, communication, and philosophy

- learn to speak another language

- take responsibility in running projects and own projects

- to organize projects

- learn about another culture – intercultural learning

- learn to do and to teach different environmental and art disciplines

- professionalism

- involvement in the work/organisation

- teamwork as well as independent work

- creative thinking

- take initiative, be creative

This program is a way to enjoy an amazing time in Iceland with other international volunteers and to have an incredible experience where participants share their knowledge with each other while they are exploring creativity, environmental issues and intercultural learning.