Lets get sustainable – on the move in Iceland for six weeks

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Do you want to travel around Iceland for six weeks doing volunteering? In the year 2021 the 17 sustainable goals of the United Nations will be our main theme throughout our different programs. The volunteers will do coastal cleaning and they will also have workshops and group discussions. This is the perfect program for true nature lovers which want to discover 40 waterfalls and every thing else that Iceland has to offer


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Price: $2,800.00 USD

*Ask for our special price for groups.

Full info:

During the six weeks you will travel around Iceland starting in Reykjavik for two days, spending twelve days in our sustainable centre in the Northwest, two weeks in Raufarhöfn near to the Arctic circle and two weeks in Stödvarfjörður in the east of Iceland

Volunteers will clean the coastline in different parts of the island and help recycling the plastic which we are collecting there. Working hours are 4 to 5 hours a day five days a week.

Most of the mornings during the program we will have workshops for two hours about the sustainable goals with a special focus on climate changes. The issue of global warming is well known all over the world. The humanity must act in a more environmentally friendly way. The main goal of this project is to improve the environmental education and consciousness of the projects’ participants. Within the project we will learn about green energy, sustainable householding, waste treatment, nutrition, the effects of consumption and lots more. If you want to change something, develop solutions, or inspire others, you must understand the issues and tasks first. In addition to the theoretical part, we are going to practice sustainable work. The clean up the coastline is the main task but we will also plant trees during the camp. Planting trees becomes a very useful action against climate change because trees absorb carbon dioxide, clean the air and prevent erosion.