Adventure camps for teenagers in Iceland

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Let's fight global warming. 12 days Adventure camp for 15 to 17 years old teenagers. Traveling around Iceland’s Ring Road while visiting the most beautiful places on the island, while also taking action, by participating in different activities that will benefit the local community! With exciting activities like: Horse riding, and discovering glaciers, black sand beaches, lava fields, hot springs, and pure nature. During the camp, the young people will give a special focus and have workshops about how to prevent global warming in their daily life.


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Price: $2,300.00 USD

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This camp will focus on Global warming and how we can

fight this danger in our daily lives. During the camp, our

teenagers will also have some photography sessions to learn

how to get the most out of the cameras while being creative.

The teenagers will get hands-on instruction and experience

with the tools necessary to research, compose, capture, and

refine digital photographic projects. We will mostly focus on

nature when it comes to topics and we encourage our

participants to be creative. Iceland is a magic country for

photographers, so we are sure that our group will have a lot

of great photos and memories when they return home after

the camp.

Day 1: Airport pickups. Meeting with the


Pick up at Keflavik Airport.

Detailed introduction of the program. Getting to

know each other. City tour and dinner in Reykjavik

Accommodation: Reykjavik

Day 2: Departure to West – Golden Circle

After breakfast we will go for the number one tour

in Iceland called the Golden Circle. We will see

Gullfoss the beautiful double “Golden Falls”; the

active geothermal area of Geysir, where we can

see Strokkur “the churn” spout up to 25 meters (70

feet) every five to seven minutes. A visit to the

ancient Viking Parliament area of Þingvellir

National Park tops it off before heading to the west

to our first project Location: Brú Sustainable Center

Accommodation: Brú Sustainable Center

Day 3 to 5: Volunteering Day!

We will participate in a Beach Cleaning activity! The

plastic crisis is one of the major environmental

challenges of our times. Plastic pollution impacts

our health, water, tourism, fishing, and overall

ecosystem. Plastic debris has accumulated in

natural habitats from the poles to the equator. This

program takes a bottom-up approach, focusing on

how an individual can change their perception of

plastic, understand responsibility, create motivation

to contribute to combatting the crisis, and,

ultimately, ideally change their plastic behaviors.

We work with the local community as well helping

with the reforestation of the areas nearby.

Accommodation: Brú Sustainable Center

Day 6: Horse Riding & Vist to Seal Museum

The Icelandic horse is as local to this volcanic land

as its people. Being one of the purest horse breeds

in the world it is also considered one of the

friendliest animals ever.

Horse riding gives you a chance to get off the

roads, while still braving up mountains and wading

across glacial rivers. It means flying through the

Icelandic scenery and exploring the land in the

same way as the settlers did, and their

descendants have kept on doing ever since.

One of the Icelandic horse's most notable

attributes is its five gaits!

In the afternoon we will visit the Seal Museum in

Hvammstangi, a museum designated to provide

you with the information you need to fully enjoy the

seals you can spot around Iceland´s shores.

Finish the day relaxing in the local geothermal

swimming pool!

Accommodation: Brú Sustainable Center

Day 7: Travel to the East

We will start the day early. Having many stops

along the way; Akureyri the capital of the North,

Godafoss waterfall. Dimmuborgir is a strange

lava landscape. Its name means “Dark Castles,”

owed to the interesting rock formations jutting out

of the ground, resembling a fort from an ancient

city. Then there are the Námaskarð mud pools,

also located to the east of Lake Mývatn. Marvel at

the yellow and brown colours of the clay along with

the gray-filled mud pools. It looks like a movie

scene from another planet!

Accommodation: Worldwide Friends House

Day 8 & 9: Volunteering Day!

Our main activity in the east will be fighting lupines!

As well as path maintenance, invasive plants

removal is essential to nature and landscape

preservation. In Iceland, there are few none-native

plants that have become invasive and are in

competition with indigenous flora. The most known

is called Lupin (Lupinus nootkatones).

It is used to improve the quality of the soil in

enriching it with nitrogen and allowing the long

roots to stabilize the loose ground. This plant was

introduced in Iceland to avoid soil erosion and to

help forestry. The spread of plant went out of

control, taking over large areas in a short space of

time. Lupine has a negative impact on biodiversity

by taking over local species.

Accommodation: Worldwide Friends House


Day 10: Studlagil Canyon & Vöx Baths

With the largest number of basalt rock columns in

Iceland and a stunning blue-green glacial river to

contrast, Studlagil is one of Iceland's hidden gems!

Afterwards you will experience the age-old Icelandic

tradition of bathing in a natural geothermal pool. Vök

Baths is located on the bank of Urriðavatn lake, only a

few minutes from the town of Egilsstaðir.

At Vök Baths you will find, floating geothermal pools

with infinity view, two on shore hot pools, a sauna and a

cold water spray tunnel.

Accommodation: Worldwide Friends House

Day 11: Travel back to Reykjavik

Travelling through the west to Reykjavik. Several

stops to enjoy nature on the way; Glacier Lagoon,

the world famous Black Beach, and many more.

Farewell party.

Accommodation: Hostel in Reykjavik

Day 12: Last day – time to say goodbye

Relaxing in Reykjavik and enjoying the final day


Drop off at Keflavik Airport