Adventure camps for teenagers in Iceland

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Adventure camp traveling around Iceland's Ring Road. Visit the most beautiful places on the island and one of its best-kept secrets: Vestmannaeyjar Islands. With exciting activities: kayaking, horseback riding, whale watching, and more. 12 Days


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Price: $3,320.00 USD

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During the camp our teenagers will also have an exploration of photography in the digital age to help students learn how to get the most out of their cameras while being creative in the process. They will get a hands-on instruction and experience with the tools necessary to research, compose, capture, and refine digital photographic projects. We will mostly focus in nature when it comes to topic and we encourage our participants to be creative. Iceland is a magic country for photographers, so we are sure that our group will have a lot of great photos and memories when they return home after the camp.

Day 1: Airport pickups. Meeting with the participants,

Detailed introduction of the program. Getting to know each other.                              

City tour and dinner in Reykjavik

Accommodation: Reykjavik

Day 2: Departure to South – Golden circle

After breakfast we will go for the number one tour in Iceland called the Golden circle. We will see Gullfoss the beautiful double “Golden Falls”; the active geothermal area of Geysir, where we can see Strokkur “the churn” spout up to 25 meters (70 feet) every five to seven minutes. A visit to ancient Viking Parliament area of Þingvellir National Park tops it off before heading to the south where we will take the ferry to the island of Vestmannaeyjar.

Accommodation: Vestmannaeyjar

Day 3: The island of the Volcanos

In Vestmannaeyjar there is a fresh volcano called Eldfell. It errupted in 1973 forcing the evacuation of the inhabitants for the five months that the eruption continued. At the time, there was uncertainty whether the island could ever be repopulated. The eruption caused the destruction of a third of the town, and the massive changes to the landscape of this tiny island made world news. Afterwards, the island became a destination for tourists and scientists alike from all over the world. Now, more than 44 years have passed, and the memories and signs of the spectacular eruption are fading, but lava and ash still cover almost 400 homes and buildings.

We will visit the volcano, play some local games, take a look at the puffins in the island and go for the great swimming pool in the island.

Accommodation: Vestmannaeyjar.

Day 4: Glacier and waterfalls

In the morning we will take the ferry to the mainland. We will have a Picnic close to the secret waterfall near to Skogar before doing the glacier hike in Solheimajokull. Visit the unique Reynisfjara the black beach in the south

Accommodation: East camp (Stöðvarfjörður)


Day 5: Horseback riding and fishing in the fjord

We will take it easy in the morning because of the long travel the day before. In the morning the group will go fishing and in the afternoon horseback riding - The Icelandic horses are very well known for their good mentality and are perfect for leisure riding.

Accommodation: East camp (Stöðvarfjörður)


Day 6: Hiking to the superior waterfall Hengifoss

Today we will visit Egilsstadir which is the capital of the East. Near to the village there is the second highest waterfall in Iceland called Hengifoss, There is a very nice hiking trail to the top of the waterfall and the view from the top is amazing. We will spend the day there in the great nature.

Accommodation: East camp (Stöðvarfjörður)


Day 7: Kayaking in Eskifjordur

The day will start with a tour from one fjord to another in the East. After lunch we will go kayaking in Eskifjordur and afterwards swimming in the pool in the village.

Accommodation: East camp (Stöðvarfjörður)


Day 8: Travel to the Arctic Circle and hike to the lighthouse

We will start the day early and travel from the East to Raufarhöfn the village which is very close to the arctic circle. On the way we will visit the great waterfall Dettifoss which is most powerful waterfall in Europe. In the late

afternoon we will go to the coast line, 66°NORTH, the light house and Northeast tundra.

Accommodation: North camp  (Raufarhöfn)

Day 9: Whale watching tour

Departure to Husavik for the whale watching tour. This place is the best one to discover the giants of the sea. The tour will take three to four hours and is a great experience.

Accommodation: North camp  (Raufarhöfn)

Day 10: Hike to a crater and bathing in the Green lagoon

Hiking to the crater Hverfjall one of the biggest one in Planet Earth

Accommodation: North camp  (Raufarhöfn)

Day 11: Travel back to Reykjavik

Travelling through the west to Reykjavik.
Lunch in the capital of the North “Akureyri” Several stops to enjoy nature on the way. Farewell party

Accommodation: Reykjavik

Day 12: Last day – time to say goodbye

Relaxing in Reykjavik and enjoying the final day together.


  • Traveling camp around Iceland in 12 days
  • Full board and lodging
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Ferry to Vestmannaeyjar
  • Entrance to the volcano museum in Vestmannaeyjar
  • Glacier hike
  • Horseback riding
  • Kayaking
  • Whale watching tour
  • Geothermal baths in Mývatn (Green lagoon)
  • Hiking

Does not include:

  • International travels
  • Personal insurance
  • Personal expenses